Now being betrayed that’s some shit that can’t be shaded
Have you ever had someone steal from you…like steal all your emotions and look at you like you a weird ass duck not expecting you to be tough… I can write you a whole book about how people turned crooked and left my black ass hanging like hook but I rather write you a story about “B” receiving all the glory… instead of giving you sympathy and I damn shill don’t want no empathy…. But I will appreciate if you listen to me!

Always&Forever B💋


4:40 am, I’m still thinking about you, I’m still stuck on you, I’m still high off you… boy you know my love is so real I’d take a life for you… see you can’t just play with my feelings and get mad at me cause I fight fire with fire (I’m not trying to be menace.) Ducking and dodging the shame of being played…. I’m so fucking scared I’ll rather focus on getting paid.
Always&Forever B💋

No Caller ID

Behind those bars I know it’s a lot of scars… they won’t never understand being in a fucked up position trying to make ends meet while in the mist of being judge by the opposition… we all know their mistakes aren’t forgiven the judge never show sympathy to the sentence. I understand that time is valuable so let’s make this the best…on the road during fall let’s make a quest.

Always & Forever B💋


Give me some paper and a pen so I can ask God to forgive me for my sins… today would of been 124 days me and you would of still been together… Who knows maybe you would of been a twin…BUT god has a change of plans. Just like the strings of a violin vibrating back and forth… my nerves get bad every time I go back that moment but I know you in a good place up north… I had to switch my flow and move with a change of pace and realize this is not race, but my time can’t be waste… see when I started this shit from the radio to the big screen I told y’all I will not quit until I see my name on billboards to hosting awards… so yes I sacrificed a lot for this… and one more thing if we ever hit a lick please don’t snitch ‼️

-Always & Forever B 💋

Thinking about you all the time… you know how to stay on a person mind…you got dark ways but you know how to let your light shine… now a days all he hear is a good girl is hard to find but he is more interested in if she is real from the vibe… Makes him safe within his alone time… lookin deep in his eyes because they wont never lie… Now hugs exchange now your lips hopin if you could taste… Keep these feelings deep inside of a dark place but not in the closet… Don’t spill these emotions everywhere it wouldn’t be right to invite outsiders into this vibe… Know that this is real so remember none of these things could never be revealed 😘

4:13 am

Always&Forever B💋


As I walk on this wicked land I’m tryin my hardest not to start a BLACK KU KLAX KLAN…. The dairy of mad black women trying her hardest to maintain where she stand, motherfuckers tell her whether if she can push or not… I pray lil ting ting grow up & don’t experience a lot… As I walk on this wicked land with the scams plotted over grams , da government tryin to fuck up our black men… Niggas busting shots like they lost their mind shit I can’t blame them if they been lead by the blind…So as you walk on this wicked land can you see what’s really planned…I’m Young, black and strapped I guess you can say I’m trapped or maybe this is the trap either way the phone always tapped!

Always & Forever B💋


A young heart with an old soul where is it go to find PEACE but still remain SANE.

Trying to not be accepted but receive respect from all.

Where is it go to find PEACE.

I’m misunderstood and risky at times with da Henny and weed I’ll get lil pleased.

Urging for my true success but yet debts of my past mess.

Where is it to go find PEACE when there is 2 within me… But with these 2 it would be a chance to learn to think twice but live as fast to those who accept clarity.

Always&Forever B💋

Come Again

“Hold Up Wait A Min” 5 five words coming from the mouth that doesn’t understand time isn’t good with me! I’ve been patient while being in the mist of being hurt…I’ve taught myself forgiveness while watching myself have the arms of weakness be placed around me… And I’ve manage time while I watched it be token from me… “Hold Up Wait A Min”… I can’t I gotta go because while I progressing you was second guessing… your hold up wait a min is something I can’t wait for but I can promise you I’ll come back & show a lot more.

Always&Forever B💋

Yin Yang Yo!

In the night is where you belong… the day is full of responsibilities and regrets… but in the night is where you vent to your bong… the sun hits your face so you won’t never see the shade… the moon takes all your flaws and let them shine… day and night, night and day… By now I know you’re yin and yang… Your vibe is a strong force! No I can’t see nor touch… Your body is an addiction… The weakness that you contract… yin and yang, yang and yin… by now, I know your crazy… BUT I ask myself… without yang how can yin ever see the moon…Yin and yang, yang and yin…B don’t trip. Your different ways of how you interact… remind me that we live our lives in opposite in harmony…
Always&Forever, B💋 

Star Gazing!

“Our timing is wrong but the mood is right See I have this fantasy where I see US together living real comfortably… me coming in seeing you smoking a L because your Day has been extraordinary…Kisses get us aroused, our love is our peace, and our past is deceased…But it’s just a fantasy because in reality we both know two people have been hurt…Fighting fire with fire just to get near each other HAHA shit people could never know about this they might think we went crazy…See I don’t know about you but I’m stuck in between dream and reality…Scary question is if timing was right could the mood be wrong?”

Always&Forever B💋

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